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Redefining Homework
Get it Done Faster,
Better and Smarter!

Join 320+ families and get unlimited, 24/7 support from Schooled Afrika’s Elite Tutors to help your kids get homework done correctly and prepare them for exams in Math, English and Sciences via chat. Subscribe to get started.

Plans start at ₦5,000 /mo for up to 2 kids

About Homework Support

If you’re a busy parent or can’t afford to hire expensive tutors, then Homework Help is what you need! We help ensure all your children’s homework are done, and that they’re well prepared for school tests and pivotal exams.

We don’t only help your kids with homework, but also teach study skills and test-taking strategies to help them get good grades and develop a love for learning.

Homework Help is specially designed to assist students in primary and junior secondary school levels by providing personalized chat-based tutoring taught by expert tutors in Mathematics, English Language and Sciences.

Meet your child's personal tutor,

available 24/7

What does Homework Help cover?

Homework and Test Prep

Detailed and self-explanatory homework help designed to teach your children the best approach to getting their homework done and prepare for tests.

24/7 Tutoring Support

We understand that you can have a busy schedule, we will be available round the clock to give you the support you need to improve your children's learning.

Monthly Reports

Get detailed monthly report on progress of your children's learning and recommendations for a better learning experience.

Live Audio/Video Answers

We understand that some concepts are not easy to get at a glance, get access to live audio and videos explaining the steps to understand difficult concepts.

Why choose Homework Help?

  • Over 300 parents use our service to access accurate and well-detailed solutions to their children’s assignments

  • Prepare for tests and pivotal exams

  • Suitable plans for families with multiple children or wards

  • Personalized Question and Answer tutoring experience

  • 24/7 support round the clock

  • Follow-up exercises to improve child’s learning experience

How To Get Homework Support

1. Subscribe Now

Click on the Subscribe Now button. You may also speak with our Learning Team by contacting us via Whatsapp

3. Send In Questions

Send in unlimited questions daily via Text, Picture, Audio or Video formats. No need to schedule a lesson.

2. Get Paired With a Tutor

Get paired with exceptional tutors instantly who are experts at Math, English and Sciences.

4. Start receiving answers

Receive detailed solutions and explanations in Text, Picture, Audio and Video formats to aid understanding.